zondag 2 maart 2014

Application Express Certification: Application Express Certified Expert

The APEX Certification Exam has undergone a large upgrade, with much of the content being rewritten.
The new exam is currently running a BETA program until the 10th of May 2014.
You will be given 3.5 hours to complete.

Take the opportunity to certify yourself for Application Express.
Application Express Certification Website

maandag 30 september 2013

Featured Speaker UKOUG Conference

Extremely honored to be a featured speaker for the UKOUG event.
The first featured speaker from the event was my Rdbms colleague Joel Goodman.
Check the UKOUG website for the Featured Speaker of the week.

dinsdag 27 augustus 2013


I am invited to speak at the UKOUG Technology Conference 2013, at Manchester Central in December 2013.
This is an excellent forum, having the mission ”to serve the Oracle Community”, a medium for exchange of information,
knowledge and skills about the products of the ORACLE Corporation.

My presentation selected for inclusion within the program is about “How to avoid struggling with the APEX Listener”.
The APEX listener is the newest method for connectivity to APEX applications.
This talk will explain what it is, what it can do, why it is better than other alternative methods and how it is administered.
The new Oracle APEX Listener is a J2EE based alternative for Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) and mod_plsql.
This J2EE implementation offers improved functionality including a web-based configuration, enhanced security, and file caching.
This session will explain how to install and configure the APEX Listener against GlassFish and WebLogic.
It will also show how to troubleshoot the listener and where to find diagnostic information when the APEX Listener doesn’t work as expected.

OAK Table member

I am very honored to tell that I am member from the OAK table.
For more information see:

zondag 19 mei 2013

How to Configure the APEX Listener against WebLogic

Step 1:
Installation from JDK

Step 2:
Setting up my environment
Set JAVA_HOME=c:\program files\java\jdkxxxx
Set PATH= c:\program files\java\jdkxxxx\bin;%PATH%

Step 3:
Installation from WebLogic
Java –Xmx1024m –jar wlsxxxxx

Step 4:
In my particular case, I have created a separate domain for APEX

Start WLS
Navigate to c:\oracle\middleware\user_projects\domains\apex_domain\bin


Step 6:

Step 7:
I need to configure first, before I can deploy against a web server.
In this example WebLogic

Step 8:
Only an example from my environment

At this point I define my APEX configuation directory.
In this example, my configuration directory is c:\apexconfig

java -jar apex.war configdir C:\apexconfig

Now I start my configuration

java -jar apex.war
PM oracle.dbtools.common.config.file.ConfigurationFolder log ConfigFolder
INFO: Using configuration folder: C:\apexconfig\apex

Enter the name of the database server [localhost]:
Enter the database listen port [1521]:
Enter 1 to specify the database service name, or 2 to specify the database SID [1]:2
Enter the database SID [xe]:orcl11
Enter the database user name [APEX_PUBLIC_USER]:
Enter the database password for APEX_PUBLIC_USER:
Confirm password:

Enter 1 to enter passwords for the RESTful Services database users (APEX_LISTENER,APEX_REST_PUBLIC_USER),
2 to use the same password as used for APEX_PUBLIC_USER
or, 3 to skip this step [1]:2
Enter the database password for APEX_LISTENER:
Confirm password:
may 08, 2013 3:44:17 PM oracle.dbtools.common.config.file.ConfigurationFiles update
INFO: Updated configurations: defaults, apex, apex_al, apex_rt

Enter 1 if you wish to start in standalone mode or 2 to exit [1]:2

Step 9:
Creating images


Copied the apex.war to the user_projects\domains\apex_domain directory location

Step 10:
Running in Non-SSL mode
edited defaults.xml file

entry key="security.verifySSL">false

Step 11:
Logging in to WebLogic

Step 11:
Deployment from i and apex.war

Step 12:

Step 13:
restart WLS is necessary to make changes active
Log in to the APEX environment

maandag 22 april 2013

Oracle User Group Norway

The spring seminar was held from the 17th of April until the 19th of April. It was for me the first time, attending this conference.

Beside of a perfect organization, a high quality of content and extremely good and experienced speakers. I was very honored to be a speaker at this conference.

Some reasons why you should attend this conference
No marketing presentations but high quality of technical content
Learn new things and having the possibility to improve your knowledge in another area of expertise
A good atmosphere
Beautiful environment
A great possibility to network
A lot of entertainment to relax and to learn people

Of course, much more than this list.

My presentation was dealing about the Oracle Database Services Cloud.
The latency from the network was too big and therefore I have provided my demonstrations by video.
This week, I will write a document about what I presented and send to the board of the User Group.

Hope to meet you next year again at this brilliant organized event!

I like to take the opportunity to thank the board from the Oracle User Group Norway. I have to say that I was impressed!

maandag 25 maart 2013

FOP in APEX Listener Version 2

APEX Listener version 2, contains the internal FOP.

Here an example, how I configured to use the internal FOP printing functionality.

vrijdag 2 november 2012


For a long time, I did not make any update at my blog. I was too busy with my activities at Oracle and getting the book ready.

It was a big adventure to write a book and without my co-authors and reviewers, we never would have come to the final result. A lot of people inspired me along the process of writing.

To view the book

The book can be ordered and I really hope it will be useful for people working with the Application Express product. I cannot say it enough, the Application Express product and development team is an amazing team!

Starting last year, I am involved in the Database Services Cloud project. I strongly recommend you to try the Oracle Cloud and discover the possibilities. Try the Oracle Cloud

Documentation on the Database Cloud Service:
Via the Oracle website, / Tab Resources
Material like white papers, video's, tutorials ( Oracle By Example ) can be found.

This year, I will not present at the UK_OUG conference because of the fact that I like to be at home at the 5th of December.
Next year, I hope to present for the Oracle User Group in Norway and Bulgaria. Probably many more but that also depends on my upcoming activities within Oracle.