dinsdag 27 maart 2012

Oracle Dutch User Group at the 26th of March 2012

The special Application Express event in the Netherlands was a great success.
The day started with the keynote session from Patrick Wolf from the Application Express Development team. Enhancements in Application Express were discussed and also some information from the Application Express development team and of course with the Safe Harbor statement. (it is all still preliminary, the Safe Harbor statement).
Application Express 4.2 will concentrate on the use of Application Express at mobile devices like Iphone, IPAD etc.
Statement of direction of version 4.2

After the keynote session there were three parallel sessions available. High content and great speakers and therefore extra honored to be one of the speakers.
It was a very difficult to decide which session to join.

The first session, I joined was the presentation from Roel Hartman about HTML 5.
Very short summary but it is still the truth. Cool stuff!
I did not realize in advance that there is so much possible in HTML 5!

After the perfect lunch, I joined the session from Dimitri Gielis about the differences in listeners used in Application Express. The advantages and disadvantages from a certain interest were discussed.

After the session from Dimitri, I presented about the Database Cloud Service.
The room was totally overbooked!
Amazing for myself!
I cannot thank you enough for so much intrest!

After my own presentation, I joined the presentation about Building desktop-like web applications with Ext JS & Appplication Express. Very pitty that the network did not collaborate.
The content of the presentation was excellent and the speaker cannot be applauded enough for keeping so calm with a slow network.

The last session from the day, was a practical case.
The real story behind making the decision to move to Application Express.

The successfull day was ended with a dinner together with some of the speakers from the User Group.

Thanks and credit to the OGH organization for organizing a successfull event like this! :-)